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The Fund employs long-biased commodity strategies that are:

  • Project specific;
  • Asset backed;
  • Cash-flow generative;
  • Positioned for capital growth; and
  • Diversified.

Our Agreements are crafted to emphasise each party?s strength and protect against any potential weakness. Our investments create investor value for both our Fund and our counter-party ? our model works because it it a win/win proposition for both parties.

We have established a sound system of risk oversight, management and internal control to identify, assess, monitor and manage material risks related to the conduct of the Group?s activities.

Our aim is to:

  • Continually improve the management of risk;
  • Better understand the reward-to-risk balance; and
  • Reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

Wherever we operate we develop, implement and maintain management systems for all material risks that enable us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks in an effective and efficient manner;
  • Make decisions based on a comprehensive view of the reward-to-risk balance;
  • Provide greater certainty of the delivery of objectives; and
  • Satisfy our corporate governance requirements.

We do this by:

  • Implementing a comprehensive and systematic risk assessment and reporting process across the organisation;
  • Integrating the outputs of risk specialist functions to provide a holistic view of the risks associated with our business activities; and
  • Embedding risk management into the business.

The level of risk control is balanced by our continued encouragement of enterprise and innovation, with corporate governance being exercised through the regular measurement and reporting of our risk management processes

Risk Management is a core priority of our Group
Investment & risk management processes subject to rigorous assessment & input from multiple levels

Dedicated internal Risk Management staff, process & controls

All investment strategies subject to independent oversight ? including independent Audit & Administration
Risk Management a core priority of management & reinforced in our corporate culture at all levels

Berry offers Institutional & SWF investors access to uncorrelated returns through a variety of alternate investment strategies. Our innovative strategies are credit & asset based and take advantage of the deep liquidity of global commodity markets.

Institutional & SWF investors can benefit from not only the higher returns produced by our strategies combined with the ability to diversify their current strategies providing uncorrelated returns.

Our active hedging strategies provide the benefits of locking in top quartile returns, reducing volatility, mitigating risk, preserving capital & satisfying liability management constraints whilst also allowing opportunities for additional alpha generation.

Our multiple investment strategies for Institutional & SWF investors provide:

  • uncorrelated returns;
  • alpha generation;
  • superior risk-adjusted returns;
  • reduced volatility;
  • minimum returns through active hedging; &
  • capital preservation.

Global Authority in Commodities

As the global authority on commodities, our alternate asset management strategies leverage off our globally integrated model, which provide the funding for the growth needed for our economies & creates wealth for our investors.

Proxy for Direct Investments

For large institutions & sovereign wealth funds, our proprietary model & innovative strategies can be used as a low risk replacement for direct investment in energy, resource & infrastructure companies by providing the lowest cost & highest margin per unit access to direct commodity production & income.

Careful Stewards of Capital

As careful stewards of capital, we provide solutions that promote economic growth & create lasting value for our investors as well as the companies in which we fund.

Investments that Benefit Communities

By providing the funding required we are making companies stronger & better positioned for long-term growth, we help create good jobs & long-term employment which in turn support local communities & secures the future of millions of people around the globe.

We are currently in an environment where all listed participants in the Energy & Resource Commodity value chain are under increasing scrutiny, from investors & commentators alike, with regards to investing in new or expansionary projects.

That’s if you can attract any interest to your story in the first place to successfully raise debt or equity for new projects.

Even accessing quality, top-tier projects is increasingly difficult.

The never-ending scrutiny from analysts on company & project returns is unrelenting – the constant pressure to increase & maximise margins can make the difference between whether you are a market darling or a market disaster.

But, we can show you how to turn that negative into a positive.

For upstream producers, Berry can provide listed companies the opportunity to participate in a globally diversified portfolio of top-tier producing assets providing far better margins without the prohibitive risk, initial cost & on-going overhead of physical operations.

For midstream and downstream listed companies & service providers, Berry can provide a low-cost & high-margin opportunity to vertically integrate, achieve diversification & access the strong cash-flow & capital growth of upstream production without the risk, capex or staff requirements of commencing physical operations yourself.

Through Berry’s innovative strategies, we can show you how this can be achieved for listed entities without the need to expend working capital or precious cash reserves.



Access diversified & high-margin producing assets without the time cost & risk of developing or acquiring the physical operations

Use available Exchange Listing Rules to obtain access to the upside value of long-term production without the need to expend precious working capital or cash reserves.

Achieve a globally diversified portfolio of producing assets without the need to leave your home jurisdiction or have boots on the ground in multiple locations.

Lock in minimum IRRs & increase production in excess of current existing operations without the requirements of return diluting capex or overhead

Quarterly increasing cash-flow & annual capital growth that flows to the bottom line ? increasing company performance, value & share holder approval.

Opportunities to leverage off our globally integrated operation, accessing the best talent & analysis of the global authority in commodities.

Berry provides Family Office & HNW Investors with multiple asset & cash-flow based opportunities that, through our active hedging strategies, ensure long-term out performance & uncorrelated returns.

Whilst Family Office investors have long avoided investing in managed funds for the perceived (& sometimes genuine) concerns regarding real long-term returns, Berry provides access to strategies that provide real long-term out performance & alpha that are uncorrelated to the boom/bust cycles of the traditional Family Office investments of Equities, Private Equity & Property, by taking advantage of the deep liquidity & price transparency of global commodity markets.



Access to New Investments

As the global authority on commodities, our alternate asset management strategies leverage off our globally integrated model, which provide the funding for the growth needed for our economies & creates wealth for our investors

Understanding Your Needs

Our team is always available to meet with our investors and partners to spend as much time as necessary to understand your needs and goals.


Education & Support

We provide access to additional educational and analytical tools and support to ensure all of our investors and partners understand our process.

We understand our investor’s needs and obligations and all our investment strategies follow Shariah Compliant principles.

We understand that:

  • Shariah is the principle which guides many aspects of a Muslim?s life ? including the type of investments allowed;
  • Shariah compliant funds must invest according to good business practices in Islamic financing;
  • Compliance of our funds is achieved through considerations we understood during their construction as well as their operation, qualitative and quantitative screening of potential investments.

As a principle across our business, our investment strategies:

  • Are asset based with tangible underlying assets;
  • Involve no Riba in any of the strategies or transactions;
  • Have no Gharah ? all terms and conditions are understood and agreed upfront ? they contain no ambiguity; and
  • Have no non-halal activities.

1. Key elements in Islamic Finance

Good Business Practices in Islamic Financing


Ambiguity & Uncertainty


Profit without Effort or Risk Taking

Unethical Investment

Excess Leverage

Our strategies are asset-backed & have no interest

Our strategies &? agreements are transparent, understood & agreed up front

No speculative strategies ? all our strategies are asset backed on tangible assets

We share the enterprise risk with our Partners

No non-halal investments ? we promote businesses that benefit society, create economic growth & provide long-term employment

Strategies do not rely on leverage

2. Applying Shariah Guidelines

No Contractual Deficiencies:

  • Investment contracts must be put in writing & follow clear guidelines toensure all terms & conditions are detailed in a manner to limit disputes;
  • No unfair penalty clauses & ensuring rights & responsibilities of all partiesare properly aligned.

No Involvement with Certain Practices

  • Income from activities that are not Halal;
  • Strategies do not rely on leverage;
  • Activities prejudicial to the interests of the Shariah principles.

No Riba involved:

  • No interest payable;
  • Investor?s share in risks of ?productive enterprise?.

3. Shariah Investments

Our strategies involve investing in commodities related activities &

Infrastructure & have no relation to:

  • Alcohol
  • Pork
  • Pornography
  • Certain financial services
  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons & defence.

How our Investment Strategies relate to Shariah Investment Guidelines




  • We are a partner providing the investment to another partner in a commercial enterprise;
  • Production (& resulting profits) are shared in a predetermined ratio;
  • Partnership with a working partner who contributes their skill & expertise to deliver production;
  • Production (& resulting profits) shared in a fixed ratio & we (capital provider) bears risk of loss the same as our partner.
  • Sharing/Joint-venture partners share production (& resultant profit) based on pre-determined rates
  • For Trade Finance ? where the customer has our Fund buy goods from a supplier and resell them to a customer at eh original price + expenses + pre-determined profit – we can Fund back-to-back transactions;
  • These transactions happen simultaneously.

By leveraging off Berry’s globally integrated commodity model, Berry’s Direct Mandates can allow Institutional, SWF, Family Office, HNW or other consortia/SPVs the opportunity improve their returns whilst managing risks, strengthening control over the life of the investment & to ensure greater alignment with their particular interests.

Direct Mandate investing allows investors to tailor their portfolios more specifically to their needs & take advantage of their longer term horizon. Direct Mandates allows the investor, in conjunction with Berry to select specific types of investments to meet fundamental macro-investment requirements as well as allowing Berry to innovate & tailor each transaction to its micro-investment needs.

Direct Mandates also allows investors the opportunity to stay invested in an asset that meets its needs, lessening the likelihood that fellow investors do not share a similar investment timeline or liquidity profile.

Berry offers operational flexibility – by being aligned with a Manager who understands the interests of the direct asset-owner removing layers between the asset owner & Manager.


Global Reach

As the global authority on commodities, we can provide direct investment solutions through leveraging off our globally integrated network of experienced in-house professionals.

Individually Tailored

Our team of experts can select, structure & manage a direct investment in the upstream/midstream/downstream sectors of the value chain.

Targeted Investing

With our existing & proprietary data & capabilities allows investors to access quality investments globally, whether selected by us, or you, particular to your risk & return profile.

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